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Want to attract crowds to your story?

We can help explain processes, construct kiosks of oral histories, or recreate your story through exciting animations! By integrating interactive learning in our design, we are reaching our audiences on multiple levels of learning by engaging visitors to create a richer experience. We aim to making learning fun!

How can we help?

Interactives can be low impact or high impact based on your needs! We will work directly with you to help define your needs and level of impact. Our goal is to create educational experiences for visitors and help facilitate interactions that spark conversation and action.

Find some examples of projects below:

Vick Family Farms, Sweet Potatoes, Wilson, NC

Big Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sanford, NC

Revolution Mill
Investigate Health
Roanoke canal fishing
Jewish Heritage
Hunley 1
Roanoke canal museum 2
Harris 3
Hunley Map
Fort Macon_
Hunley Table
20 push button web
Fort Macon _ Jim Sink
Clifss of the Neuse J Sink
Carolina Theater
Cliffs of the Neuse_J Sink
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