Our Process

Our talented team of designers and fabricators enable us to 

take an idea from concept to finished product.

Design, fabrication, and graphic production are all done in-house to maintain

firm control of cost, scheduling, and quality. We analyze our client’s project and

goals to pinpoint their needs through discussion, presentation rendering,

modeling, and mechanical drawing.


Our graphic designers will work directly with you to create sophisticated and cohesive graphics, wayfinding systems, and branding packages.


Our industrial designers have the knowledge and equipment

to iterate rapidly, produce digital 3-D models, and build

physical prototypes.


Design, fabrication, and graphic production are all done in-house. Our fabrication team is ready to handle any custom-built project.


Interactive exhibit elements engage visitors on multiple levels of learning. Our team is capable of creating custom interactives to explain complicated processes, sharing oral histories, or transporting the visitor through animation.

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