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Wilson Arts


A transformation into a colorful “community hub” of the arts!


The Wilson Arts Center relocated to a new space situated on the main street of Downtown Wilson. As part of the relocation, the beloved arts center rebranded and expanded its mission. The branding was intentionally placed throughout to reiterate the vibrant and colorful community it serves. Design Dimension was tasked with environmental branding – welcoming visitors with a statement front desk, wayfinding, entry signage, and exterior signage.  The bold colors and shapes easily transformed into dimensional elements and wayfinding cues. 


The exterior signage posed a unique opportunity to play with scale, form and vantage points. As visitors walk along the main corridor of Wilson, they go under the awning -- or see it across the street. As visitors drive down the main corridor of Wilson, they drive past the awning. The solution provides clarity in location while adding a pop of branded color as a surprise. Whether visitors are walking or riding, this signage moves with them. The three dimensional layers of color form a color mass that slowly gets thinner and thinner until visitors are right in front of the letters.


We also provided a system for donor naming and recognition.

With attention to materials and form the system is designed to grow with WAC as they continue to expand.



Environmental Branding

Donor Signage / Naming

Exterior Signage




"I was shocked at how metropolitan the gallery looks.

It's a lovely, well lit, well thought out space."


- Greg via Google Review

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