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City of Wilson Parks and Recreation


The cohesiveness of the brand creates a level of comfort and informational need to let the visitors know what is expected in the park.


Expanding a brand into the visitor experience


Design Dimension, Inc. was selected to conduct a sign assessment for the City of Wilson Parks and Recreation Department. Our team spent several days visiting Wilson’s local parks photographing, documenting, and evaluating the existing sign conditions to develop a new plan to improve the overall visitor experience. Once we determined the needs for communication, we created a hierarchy for signage and information. Using the new City of Wilson brand, we designed and created a new sign family that included monument signs, wayfinding signage, interpretive signage, map systems, and naming systems. 


Using this sign family as a “road map,” we began to implement this signage throughout 10+ different area parks. Our team developed prototypes to determine the best materials, outlined pricing, and created a breakdown for each sign element. Our fabrication team worked directly with the City of Wilson Parks and Recreation team to develop an easy-to-maintain system that utilizes the owner team’s capabilities to assist with installation. Together this partnership created a streamlined, straightforward system that not only works—it makes a big statement! Since the installation of the local signage system, there has been positive visitor feedback and awareness regarding the city-maintained parks.


Wayfinding Signage

Signage Masterplan




Interpretive Displays


Naming Systems

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