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DIX Park Outdoor Signage and Wayfinding

A design that is bold, sculptural, communicative, and built to adapt as ongoing plans for the park continue to transform the landscape and visitor experience.

A Park for Everyone, Built by Everyone. 

The wayfinding signage at Dix Park is a system made up of five different sign types that work together throughout the park. The system was designed to be informative, playful, clear, and open enough for visitors to interpret how to explore their own path.

The sign system consists of directional wayfinding signs, large spatial markers, historical interpretive signs, and building identification signs. Scale was an important factor in our design process; the park is vast with great views of nature, the city skyline, and historic buildings. Our design process included multiple phases, color tests, full-scale mockups, and many site visits. Communication and collaboration led us to the final solution for the family of elements. 

Walk through the park, explore, stay a while, exercise, make it your own!


Check out our exhibit on the history of Dix Park at the City of Raleigh Museum (link)

Virtual Dix Park Historical Point of Interest Video

Explore Dix Park: Interpretive Signage

Virtual Exhibit of Historical Signage in Dorothea Dix Park

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