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WakeMed 50th Anniversary Exhibit


In 1961, Memorial Hospital of Wake County opened its doors. In 2011, the hospital known as WakeMed celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Design Dimension, Inc. was asked to design, produce, and install an exhibit in the lobby of the newest wing of the building to commemorate this milestone and detail the many accomplishments and events in the hospital’s history.


Inspired by Materials


The final exhibit takes the form of a series of murals depicting eras of the hospital history, beginning with a photo of the founding CEO standing in front of the newly constructed building. The murals are divided by bamboo wood cabinets that feature additional photos of people at work in the hospital. In the foreground, floor-to-ceiling frosted glass panels serve as graphic carriers for an in-depth timeline on the hospital history. A floor change and dimensional header create a small nook space for visitors to float in and out of the exhibit space.  


Extra: On the wall, an interactive touchscreen display housed in a bamboo cabinet presents audio-visual interviews with people who played a role in WakeMed’s history. In all, the exhibit blends nicely with the interior details of bamboo, glass, and stainless in the new building.





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