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Vets Pets


As Vets Pets footprint in North Carolina began to grow, the company found itself renovating an old funeral home in historic downtown Wilson. The new corporate offices serve as a support system for the practices in over 20 cities in NC – and growing. Vets Pets truly values their culture, hands on approach and people-centered mission. Our team was asked to encompass those values to develop interior and exterior designs in the new space.


Using a fresh and innovative approach we developed simple but bold elements to tie together the visitor experience. Our feature elements include recognizable materials like dog tags and leashes to combine a mix of metal pop colors, reflective surfaces, and clean bright white. The Vets Pets team truly let us think outside of the box, and the creativity shows!


Installed elements include a map of NC locations, dry erase surfaces for extra work space, privacy film, signage, and exterior signage.


Environmental Branding


Exterior Signage





Maurer Architecture

Denmark Interiors

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