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Treat Yo Self


In 2022 Design Dimension was up for the challenge when presented with a re-design and re-brand of The sweetest place in town!

In 2023/2024 Treat Yo’ Self relocated to a new build as part of the downtown growth. Design Dimension was up for the challenge to level up the brand and visitor experience in the space we envisioned together from the ground up.


This bakery, located in Wilson, NC is owned by a creative duo fueled with a passion for serving their community. Our team worked closely with Alex and Greg to develop a new brand that represented an expanding menu that drops new features on a monthly basis. Between custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and specialty coffees we zeroed in on color, visitor experience, and a wild imagination.


Using large scale icing drops, graphic icons, and sparkly quotes we landed on a unique and immersive design that surprises visitors upon entry. The feature wall is a photo op for all with LED starburst lighting. From the overhead “squiggle light” that guides visitors through the delicious offerings, to a custom pink powder coated metal standing bar, an icing dripped check out counter, and a more relaxed seating area -- we detailed each space with color and texture.


Matched with the excellent customer service and tasty treats, we raised the bar for your typical retail experience!


Brand Development




Retail Display


North Carolina Weekend


“Wow, wow, wow! The decor is vibrant and beautiful. Upon entering, it feels like you literally float to the displays of delectable goodies!”


- Deidra via Google Review

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