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Randleigh Dairy Heritage Museum


The Randleigh Dairy Heritage Museum, situated five miles from the NCSU campus on Lake Wheeler Rd., is the perfect agritourism experience for visitors of all ages. Who knew this hidden gem was so close to downtown Raleigh?

The full experience explores the history of the Jersey cows, takes a peek into production on the NCSU campus, and includes interactive exhibits that showcase how this wholesome milk gets from farm to table.


The Kenan family, whose generous support helped to create this educational destination, is deeply rooted within the history of the NC Dairy Farm. The beautiful brown Jersey cows pictured in the exhibit and throughout the farm are descended from William Rand Kenan’s original stock.


The interactive exhibits include a real milking cow, butter churns, a digestive tract showing the unique ruminant stomachs with four compartments, and an audio interactive. You can also check in on some of the star milk producers from the farm. Don’t forget to visit the Dairy Parlor and grab a taste of Howling Cow* ice cream on your way out!


*Howling Cow® dairy products are made right on campus. Sales of milk and ice cream support research and provide funding for the education of tomorrow’s dairy leaders.






HH Architecture


Howling Cow

NC Field Family

Photos by Stacu Sprenz

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