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Pilot Mountain State Park
Visitor Center 


A 200-foot tall geologic “knob” serves as the iconic landmark for Pilot Mountain State Park. The Big Pinnacle’s unique look leaves visitors questioning: “What is it and how did it come to be?” It is a quartzite monadnock, millions of years old, which is a remnant of the ancient Sauratown Mountains.


The park visitor center is designed to provide a window view of the Big Pinnacle, picturesque in all seasons. This sets the scene to send visitors back in time to explore the life of the Saura Tribe.


Situated in Surry and Yadkin counties, the park is a Piedmont gateway that leads to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trails connect to the Yadkin River, popular among trail hikers, paddlers, climbers, and anglers. The exhibit explores natural history and recreation through the context of elevation (2,000 ft), from the top of the knob to the winding riverbeds. Visitors can research the flora and fauna while planning an adventure in hopes to see and identify wildlife and other ecological wonders.


As visitors read about the remnant of the ancient Sauratown Mountains, a kettle of hawks flies above the exhibits. The interactive display and lighting provide a close-up visual of the hawks visitors may see while the birds catch an updraft around the knob.


Bird watching, controlled burns, uncovering history through natural resources and growth, dedicating to preservation of the park, the river, and the rich heritage.


Masterplan Development

Interactive Immersive Experience


Construction Administration


ADW Architects

Fabricated by Studio Displays

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