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Our Legacy


L. Wayne Poole

Established in 1967, as an industrial design consulting firm by Wayne Poole, Design Dimension has since grown steadily in size and scope. 

Design Dimension is known for designing and producing lasting exhibits earning a reputation of quality and style. Wayne took pride in developing a team to work collaboratively to develop interactive concepts and engaging experiences for every type of client. 

Wayne celebrated 50 years of business last summer during our West Street Block Party. In true fashion, we closed down West Street and brought in 3 bands, food trucks, beer and all of the DDI alumni!

September 11 1944  -  June 12 2018

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist,

inventor, mechanic, objective economist and

evolutionary strategist.”

-R. Buckminster Fuller

West St. Party to Celebrate 50 years!


“Looks good from my house.”

“Me: hey, what are you doing?

W: about what?

Me: Where are you going?

W: Well, Wherever you go,

THERE you are.

Me: Do you want to eat lunch?

W: I ate lunch yesterday.”

"Start with the truth and work backwards.."

"Chuck and I go way back, we have the same parole officer.."

"Me: how'ya doing?

W: Well, you gotta minute?"

"Sit flat, fall flat"

"One of these eggs is NOT hard boiled"

"You're not late 'til you get there"

"Wayne and Nancy, plain and fancy"

"Hammer, hammer, hammer"

"Quality means doing it right when

no one is looking"

Henry Ford

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