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Office Greeter

Please send treats through the air, I will catch them but only if I feel like it..


Ruth is our window office greeter and the best napper around. Her hobbies include running around like a crazy woman and snoring in her burrito. 


Shop Greeter

Arya has a mild addiction to treats. She will do anything.. drool, spin, speak, high five, and sit.


"Ya-Ya" hangs in the shop and sits in frog pose while the boys prototype stuff. She is agile and quick, and really loves to sneak up on you with a serious nudge for treats & rubs.


Toy Destroyer

Please send treats through the air, I will try to catch them, but my bottom jowl will make it bounce off my nose.


Obi is goofy, snorty, and his waddle is adorable. The force is strong with this one, and the jury is still out on that underbite!



Financial Advisor

No treats, just toys.


Angie is a fireball full of energy. She sleeps and wakes up ready to run full throttle. She loves tennis balls, toys, paper, and going through the "car-wash" in the shop.



Graphics Protector

Open that that treat jar and I am your favorite boy.


Willie is the ultimate mother boy. He is sweet but always up to something. He loves to sunbathe at the door and yodels when return from an install.


Team Spirit

Treats are cool but not my first priority.

I just want to be with my best friends.


Townes, or "Long Boy," is lean and nimble-- always ready to play. He communicates with a soft whistle to let you know he is around, which is never far away from Willie or Arya!

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