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Pour Me Another: A Taste of North Carolina told through Drink


(currently a traveling exhibit moving through locations across North Carolina)


The North Carolina Beverage Museum approached Design Dimension to develop an exhibit made to travel. The outlined scope detailed three specific topics: Wine, Beer and Spirits. Through photos, exhibit panels, stories, accounts and some programmed opportunities we tell the history of each specific beverage in North Carolina.  Working with our client, a formula for each storyline was crafted to fit the panels of our unique modular exhibit design.

Our designers and fabricators planned meticulously to develop the exhibit kiosks with minimal waste and streamlined travel components. The elements needed for display (panels, hardware, and tools) all fit within the ~3x5’ wooden base. The base has wheels to roll each packed exhibit for ease of travel. Once set up, the base serves as the stand for each kiosk.


“It is the universal nature of beverages that makes it the ideal lens to explore our connections to each other. Beverages flow through the stories of our past, present, and future. This exhibit explores the unique beverage history that contributes to the larger cultural, social, and economic narrative of the state by introducing the visitor to the innovative industries of wine, beer, and spirits in North Carolina.”
- North Carolina Beverage Museum






Instructional Set Up and Breakdown 

Modular Traveling Exhibits

Check out where the exhibit is currently on view here.

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