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Mordecai Historic Park

Raleigh, North Carolina

Modern Exhibit Design 


Just because an exhibit is about history doesn’t mean it has to look old! The new Mordecai Historic Park Visitor Center is housed in a renovated historic home in DT Raleigh; the natural wood floors, high ceilings, and beautiful window details were a huge inspiration for us during the design process. The end product is clean, sophisticated, and visually interesting. The educational exhibits include a family tree, a timeline of the property and the people who lived here, and sections that cover Faith, Southern Womanhood, and Slavery.


Unique Display Solutions


The Design Dimension team designed and fabricated unique graphic panel carriers to make the timeline “float” off the floor. The timeline includes a history of the plantation property from the Antebellum Era through the 20th Century. The text, images, artifacts, and flip books tell the story of the people who lived on the property and how the Civil War and Reconstruction affected them.  Digital artifacts included scanned census records, hand-drawn maps, oral histories, images, newspaper articles, on display at touch screen kiosks—one even helps visitors learn how to pronounce “More-duh-key”.

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