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Maddie Headshot-4.jpg

Maddie Shepherd
Junior Exhibit Designer

Maddie, a Michigan-native visual designer, graduated in 2023 with a BFA in art and design from the University of Michigan. Her background in graphic design, industrial design, visual identity, and exhibition design enables her to bring a fresh and informed perspective to our projects, tapping into the heart of each client’s goals and particularities.  She is passionate about socially-responsible, human-centered experience design, and revels in the ability to forge authentic relationships with others; being a designer for her is about being an empathetic listener and seeing value in the unique stories of every person she encounters. 


Outside of work she transposes her creativity into everyday moments, such as making music, crafting, tending to her plants, and learning new things. An outdoor enthusiast, she can typically be found hiking and exploring various parks, always accompanied by her dog and friend, Roxy.

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