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IBM Austin


We were excited to extend our branding projects for IBM to the office space in Austin, Texas. The components are all about wayfinding, naming, and outfitting specific spaces in the building that cultivate design thinking and creativity. The system of backlit inset walls utilizes color and negative space to highlight the different meeting spaces. The IBM team collaborated with us, providing playful but useful design components. The IBM bee distraction makers are necessary elements to help with ADA and safety requirements in the building.


Unique to Austin


All of the wayfinding walls are well-known parks, famous buildings, and landmarks in Austin, enriching the culture around the community. The large Austin sign in the breakroom is reminiscent of the neon signs around town. This is the first project where IBM broke the mold to truly immerse the brand elements into the total experience for the employees and visitors. We were proud to be a part of the team!


Environmental Branding

Interior and Exterior Signage

Privacy Film

Feature Walls

Custom Neon




Other IBM project locations:

Austin, TX

Armonk, NY

Raleigh, NC

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