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H.L. Hunley Conservation Lab


During the Civil War, the Hunley became the first ever combat submarine to sink an enemy ship! It mysteriously sunk and was lost four miles off the coast of Charleston, SC. The sub was discovered in 1995 and later raised in 2000. Since then, the Hunley has been excavated and is in the process of being conserved in the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston. The center is a large warehouse equipped with a conservation lab and a special tank for the vessel. Scientists and conservators have worked for over 20 years trying to solve the mystery of the Hunley.

The mission behind this exhibit is to tell the history and context surrounding the Hunley, while also educating visitors on the ground-breaking conservation work that has been developed right on site. Collaborating closely with the Friends of the Hunley team, we designed, fabricated, and installed this educational and interactive exhibit experience.







Interactive Experiences


The Cornerstone Company of Charleston

Dash Studio

Three Bee Studio


Top Rater Visitor Experience Tour

Educational, understandable, engaging, interesting, interactive, and fun—all at the same time.  I am fascinated by the conservation methods and practices as well as the archaeology, sociology, history, and other pursuits involved in this incredible endeavor. I will most definitely continue to follow future developments online.
Well worth the time to visit here. Thanks!


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