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Hannah Brodie

Production Manager

Hannah is proud to call North Carolina home! Born and raised here, she doesn’t like to leave it for long. Hannah graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. In 2019, the universe came together and brought her to Design Dimension! 


She values the keen attention to detail, precise measurements, and skillful craftsmanship required for the successful production and installation of wallpaper and privacy film / glass vinyl — her two favorite materials in print production for their creative possibilities, sharp visual impact, and tangible richness. From concept to completion, nothing makes her happier than a job well done. 


In her free time, Hannah enjoys art and house projects, tending her chickens, biking, running, and excellent adventures with her gentle cowboy Willie. Her favorite things are sunshine, animals (dogs!), music, movies, coffee, and pastries. 

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