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Cognition Children's Museum


A turnkey design-build museum project with a focus on learning local community and play centered around industry, sponsored by local businesses. Visitors of all ages can learn and grow!

From farming, to building, to food preparation and science – this innovative space is full of engagement. 


In the farm feed chickens, gather eggs, pet farm animals, plant, water and harvest crops. Just after the fresh produce is picked, drive a tractor with fresh produce straight to the open-air market!  Discover a mini wood shop and maker’s space to physically build structures, tinker with tools, and create connections on the magnetic wall. Create a tasty pairing from the Healthy Food St. truck, a fully equipped prep kitchen with a  customizable menu board and talk tube to place orders. Explore a fresh, farm-to-table food selection inside Market Lane. Plan a healthy balanced meal, mark each item off the shipping list and check out with a friend at the hand operated conveyor belt.
So much PLAY at Cognition Davie!



Visitor Engagement Feedback




"I took my preschool-aged child to Cognition Davie and we had such a wonderful time. The exhibits are so engaging and put together so well. The space was used very effectively, which makes it easy to keep up with and supervise your child without sacrificing activities. The person on staff who welcomed us at the door was so nice and so helpful! We will definitely be back"


- Amanda Rooney via Google Review

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