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Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

Seven Springs, North Carolina

Design Dimension, Inc, was responsible for the conceptual planning, design, construction detailing, and construction administration for this project, and is proud to have been part of this unique LEED facility.


A Geologic Wonder


Located in Seven Springs, North Carolina near Goldsboro, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park boasts a geologic wonder for this part of the coastal plain. A seventy foot sandstone cliff towers above the banks of the Neuse River below, providing spectacular views as well as ample outdoor opportunities for visitors. Once home to Indians, and settlers, the Cliffs is now a popular destination for vacationers and campers.


Visualizing History


The exhibits at Cliffs of the Neuse detail the cultural history and natural history of this area.  A model of the cliff depicts how sediments laid down over millions of years created deposits that can now be seen in the cliff face. Other displays help to show how springs, seismic activity and different soils and sediments help to shape this unique area.


Visitor Center “Kids Area”


Designed with fun, bright colors, oversized bird and animal illustrations, whimsical trees and hands-on opportunities, this kid space is all about learning through play. Visitors can watch live ants in an ant farm while fishing out of a canoe, make their own bird out of illustrated shapes, watch birds and hornets fly overhead, and guess animals

in their habitats.

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