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Chapel Hill Public Library


Expanding a well loved brand into a playful and inviting environmental experience.

The design team was tasked to assess the current signage for the public walking trails around the Chapel Hill Public Library’s Explore More at Pritchard Park. We developed the masterplan for a complete signage family that included a monument entrance sign, wayfinding, trailhead, and interpretive signage concepts. Through this process we worked closely with the library staff to extend their brand into the signage plan to develop cohesive messaging throughout the visitor experience. 


In the next phase, we implemented the series of interpretive signs throughout Explore More Park, a walking trail behind the library that connects local neighborhoods and schools. The park’s intention is to inspire users to slow down, look, listen, and activate their senses while walking the wooded trail. To highlight the trailhead and entrance to Explore More Park, we featured the cut-metal sculptural elements as a playful welcome. We were very thoughtful in our selection of color, hoping to nestle the signage in the landscape with natural greens, browns and blues. The nature-inspired signage is accompanied by sculptures from local artists, outdoor musical instruments, nature play, and opportunities to participate in citizen science.


Exterior Signage Family

Interpretive Signage






ISCO Landsaping Installation

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