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Big Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sanford, North Carolina

The Big Buffalo Wastewater Treatment Plant has been cleaning wastewater from the City of Sanford and Lee County since 1972. This educational exhibit is designed, fabricated, and installed by Design Dimension, Inc, for all ages — using interactive and informative elements to appeal to any audience. Located in the interior of the administrative building, it is meant to teach the in’s and out’s of the treatment plant before taking a tour. It gives a broad overview of the processes but also relates the content back to the visitor.


A Community Resource


The custom-built “welcome table” is front and center when guests walk into the space.  A map of Lee County puts the Wastewater Treatment Plant in context and visually displays the nature of the city’s “water cycle”. The graphic displays on the wall educate visitors of the plant’s process from beginning to end. The information is portrayed using physical interactives to help show the different levels of filtered water, what gets collected in the filters, and the technology behind the filters.


Creating a “Call to Action”


This plant provides a service to the citizens of Lee County and there are many ways they can help keep the plant running smoothly. We worked with the plant to provide questions and solutions for little ways visitors can help at home — the exhibit’s “call to action” should remain with visitors long after they leave the exhibit.

Big Buffalo WasteWater Treatment Plant Visitor Exhibits from Design Dimension on Vimeo.

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