Wake Forest School of Law

Winston Salem, North Carolina


Design Dimension, Inc. designed, built, and installed two “Hall of Tradition” displays for the Wake Forest School of Law. One case describes the historical past of the school, while the other depicts of the present and future. The timeline graphics utilize text, imagery, and artifacts to create an immersive educational experience.


Changing Displays


The content was designed to be updated frequently with new information by utilizing digital frames, a touchscreen interactive, and removable graphics. Additionally, the curved shape of the graphics adds some playfulness and dimension to the design. Our design continues the school’s branding style to stay cohesive the look of the new space.


The Design Dimension, Inc., team worked alongside the LS3P Architects and contractor to ensure a smooth fabrication and installation.

past 4
Past 2
8. Present 2_LR
Past 1