Charleston, SC: Hunley Museum Installation

April 8, 2015
















In late February 2015, the DDI team travelled down to North Charleston — bringing the contents of almost an entire museum with them! From the kick-off meeting to fabrication, the Hunley exhibits took a little over a year to complete. We couldn’t have done it without the entire Hunley team — the scientists, conservators, and administration all aided us tremendously in providing content, helpful feedback, and direction.


The Hunley was the first submarine to sink a ship in combat… ever! The man-powered Hunley and its crew sunk the USS Housatonic (part of the Union blockade surrounding Charleston) during the Civil War on February 17, 1864. Instead of returning back to shore as planned, it mysteriously sank and was not found until 1995.

The vessel has been resting in the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston since its raising in 2000. The conservation lab is now the home of the museum, and is an appropriate place to speak about the history and mystery surrounding the Hunley, as well as current conservation work that is taking place.

The new educational exhibits and displays have been a hit so far with audiences of all ages! 


We made a time lapse of the entire week— 8 DDI employees, 15 meals, 6,500 sq. feet, and (via fitbit) about 600,000 steps during the installation process! 






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