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Imagination Station: Body-ology

Small space, big impact – climb, run, leap, and play in the Body-ology exhibit!

New life in a small-town landmark

The Imagination Station is a science and history museum located in the heart of downtown Wilson, NC. The building is an old post office turned museum, with three floors of exhibits. The architecture exudes history and sets the perfect stage for learning. As a part of the 25th anniversary update, Design Dimension teamed up with the museum programming staff to develop the concept for the Body-ology exhibit. Lead Designer Betsy Peters has fond memories of the museum growing up. She understands the importance of some of the main attractions—like the "Race the Wild" exhibit. Together, we created an exhibit geared towards a younger audience that gets visitors moving!

Making Health and Fitness Fun!

Utilizing the open space in the room, we started with a fresh coat of paint and a floor upgrade. The new space houses a 14-foot rock climbing wall, a free-climbing boulder, an assortment of fitness equipment, and a vertical leap jump we call the "high-five machine"! There is a corner where visitors can play "Body Jeopardy," along with interactives to learn about how to balance your physical activity and food intake. After moving around the space, the "Get to Know Your Body" station prompts visitors to test their heart rate and observe how it changes after certain activities. We didn't forget the beloved "Race the Wild" either; this exhibit got a makeover. Wilsonians and new visitors can still race the cheetah, along with some new players! Can you outrun a gorilla?


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