Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

A Great Collaboration

Down Home, Jewish Life in North Carolina is a great example of how the efforts of many devoted and talented volunteers, historians, filmmakers, design professionals and craftspeople can come together to create an exhibit experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina was interested in developing an exhibit that would explore and celebrate the way Jews assimilated into the culture and communities of North Carolina. The focus of the exhibit was to tell the assimilation story in an experiential and immersive manner using video, artifacts, oral histories, archival photography, and artworks set in a series of vignettes and created environments.


Working very closely with Darcie Fohrman, Benjamin Filene, Jennifer McRae, and Leonard Rogoff, Design Dimension developed the physical and graphic design of the exhibit components. This included sequencing their order, developing a visual brand for the exhibit, designing casework, interpreting artifacts, and developing interactive opportunities. Warren Gentry & Associates, the firm that produced the Down Home film, created a series of new audio and video pieces that were integrated into the storyline to give the exhibit an added dimension.


“Down Home” – Traveling Exhibit

Down Home had its gala premiere at the North Carolina Museum of History in July, 2010 with over 350 people attending. The exhibit has received critical praise from museum administrators, design professionals, and the general public, both young and old. The exhibit was on display at the North Carolina Museum of History, The Greensboro Historical Society, The Cape Fear Museum (Wilmington), The Levine Museum of the New South (Charlotte) and UNC- Asheville Art Gallery (Asheville).




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