The People’s Politics: Local Democracy in Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina

Engaging an Audience to Educate and Explore


The City of Raleigh Museum is located in downtown Raleigh, the capital of the state North Carolina.  Situated in the heart of politics on a local level, The People’s Politics: Local Democracy in Raleigh aims to educate student groups, local audiences, and statewide audiences about the history of government and democracy. The interactive exhibit explores issues from 1795 to today, revealing law making decisions, opinions on all sides, and imagery from early city council minutes.


Acting as Mayor and City Councilmen


The exhibit is designed in a semicircular shape to engage a group of visitors; the center podium contains a touchscreen that drives the interaction. Together, the group will select a topic, such as Transportation, and run through an animated program where an issue is stated and two points of view are displayed. The visitors are allowed the chance to voice their own opinion and finally cast a vote on the issue. A flipbook at each station helps to support each topic and provide information.

Artifacts as Icons

A large header defines the space for the interactive exhibit, which also houses multiple artifacts that represent different issues, opinions, and factors in some of the big decisions made by Raleigh city officials. The artifact help to define the stories and give visitors a glimpse into Raleigh’s past.

Animation design by DASH Studio in Raleigh, NC

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